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We are now offering three types of trips: Private, Open Private, and Open Group

Private Trips:

These are the private, fully customized trips for you and your group that Taiwan Adventures has become famous for. The group size can be from 1 person to 100, but our minimum price allows for up to 3 people, with additional fees for groups larger than 3. Prices start at about $45,000TWD to $62,000TWD for overnight trips of groups with up to 3 people. Please email us below for more information.

Open Private Trips:

These trips offer the same benefits as Private Trips, but help lower the cost for small groups by allowing others to join your group. We need at least 4 people to sign up to proceed with an Open Private Trip, but limit the group size to 7 guests per guide (and they’re usually smaller). Prices start at about $12,800TWD per person.  Check the Open Private Trips Calendar to see if anyone is looking for partners for the dates you’re interested in.

Open Group Trips:

Open Group Trips are pre-scheduled, low cost trips that we offer about once a month. They have a limited amount of services compared to Private Trips and Open Private Trips. Prices start at about $8,000TWD per person. Check the Upcoming Events page, or join us on or Facebook to receive updates. If you’re interested in one of these trips, don’t emails us below. Follow the instructions in the trip’s details to sign up.

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